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Today I got a really cool app-idea, an idea for a concept of a totally new type of game, and a hat. Here's the hat.
My new hat!


New projects;


Joined a team at school working on a game in UDK about the Red Riding Hood. Also started an adventure game project with a friend where I'm going to do both the coding and graphics. Here's some animations from the second project.
Spinning suit.
Walk right. Walk up. Walk front.




As this school year ends, we wrap the second year up with our 10 week game project Two Forces Combined. It's been a fun and interesting experience working with this team during this time and I've learned a lot. I've been the lead programmer, and it's been a really great experience learning how split up the work amongst different people. The game is a action puzzle game made using UDK, where two players cooperate by pushing and pulling boxes around. Check out our awesome trailer!




Almost a year later, I hereby present to you all, my Ludum Dare timelapse! The timelapse shows all the work I made during the 24 hours of creating the game Sand is Everything. Sadly, I couldn't get any program to make a movie of all my stills while still keeping the quality of the screens, so the code is mostly unreadable. If anybody knows a good program for that I'd love to hear about it. Still probably displays my process of making a game decently if anybody happens to be interested.


Just some drawings;


Not many programming related updates lately, I'm still working on at least 3 different projects, and school is also killing a lot of time. I might come back with a few tutorials later, I have a few planned that I think might be pretty good. But, as for now, I just finished a few suggestions a friend with a band asked for their cd cover.

Version 1

Version 2
I just want to state that this is NOT an art portfolio, I'm just showcasing a few works I've done.


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