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Hookfight this!;


Another sleepless gamejam (or as we call it in swedish: 'spelsylt') at school! This time with a unity pro licence as the grand price! Together with Christian, Gustav, Turbo, Holm and my bestest friend Caffeine I made a game about daemons competing with hook shots. The following clip describes the result pretty well.

It's a bit hard to follow, but each player has 4 different attacks. A hock shot that can either pull the player to another player OR pull the other player to the player. A stun-grenade, that can either be thrown at another player, or dropped as a mine, detonating when touched by a opponent. Lastly their exist an attack that pushes all the opponents in an area around the player, like a shock wave. The goal is to (with your teammate) collect the crystals that appear on the screen at certain moments. The first team that gets 8 is the winner.



The cool people at Gothia Science Park and Tobii is arranging a competition at our school concerning who can create the best game for the Gaze Eye Tracker. A brand new product from Tobii, which when plugged into your USB, starts to track the users eyes. both in the 3D room, but also where on the screen he is looking. Using this device we are planning to make an eerie horror game. We'll see how it panes out. The result will most probably emerge on this site after the competition is finished.

EDIT: And here it is! The Bunker is a horror game which uses your eyes to decieve you! Things in the room changes only when you aren't looking at them and a scary deamon seems to be getting closer and closer to you, but whenever you look at him, he is always standing still. I learnt a lot of valuable things working closely with this new technology. It has it limitations, but it works surprisingly well to create an actual horrifying experience out of very little.
Our GAZE Horror game The Bunker




Me and my girlfriend decided we would do some real Christmas cookies this year! After having bought two full shopping bags of ingredients we made a bunch of good stuff. I approve.
Mountain top


Small games;


School has been nice enough to give a few courses which gives room for a bit of creative freedom. I therefor hereby present the games I've made during class and as home projects in Artificial Intelligence and C#.


Showreel me this;


Made a showreel showcasing everything I've worked on during the last four years. I was unable to capture a few things, And the current stuff I'm working on is still secret, but most of it is there! I can feel a slight pride as I watch through everything I've done. Music playing is Fair to Midland.

Most of the games are now also able to be watched as separate clips on their respective game-page. I've changed the format of the web page somewhat, as I have become more familiar with real web programming (SQL and php).

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